A lean wood-elf, wearing a grey robe


Darvin was raised in the Blackwoods monastery after being abandoned by his parents when he was just a baby. He was taught in the ways of the monks who resided there, learning meditation techniques and martial arts. He found that when in deep meditation, he saw glimpses of things to come, and it frightened him. Eventually after many years of meditation, he had a vision of something so powerful, causing so much devastation, he couldn’t sit idle. He took it upon himself to join the Order to try and stop this event from taking place.

Darvin’s mentor at the Blackwoods Monastery was a human named Gregor Thornton. He took Darvin under his wing and taught him martial arts. Darvin grew to see Gregor as a father figure, as Darvin didn’t have any true parents while he was growing up, and Darvin would do anything to help him if the need arrises.

Darvin also has a few friends from his time at the monastery; A high-elf named Tal Amadel and a human named Elden Elmsworth.


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