Glacia Mundos or the new world, since it’s settlement by the more civilized races barely 400 years ago, has ever been a land of dark magic and savage beasts.

Since its foundation during the great desolation the mysterious organization known simply as The Order has kept watch over the people of Glacia Mundos hunting down the savage beasts and vile necromancers while also working to keep the savage goblinoid tribes confined to the mountains.

However in recent times the strength of the Order has waned. The City States of Glacia Mundos who once hailed the Order as saviours now view them as either common mercenaries or monster hunters.

As the power of the Order begins to fail goblin kind once again prepares to wage war from the mountains. Test the fighting strength of the Order to the very limit.

Worse still dark cults gather across the land scheming in the shadows. A name whispered in a all but forgotten tongue. A name that has not been spoken in centuries.

It is during this time the Order must look to its new recruits, how may yet hold not just the future of the Order but of the entire continent in there hands…

The Shadow of Draggowraith

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