The Shadow of Draggowraith

The party were able to capture an commanding officer of one of the raiding parties that was attacking the mill in Damerel, and were able to bring him back to the keep without incident. Darvin, Ellyn and Baern had disguised themselves using the robes they took from the cultists they fought and Valanthee, still in hippogriff form, was able to carry the prisoner back to the keep. Once they delivered the prisoner to Leon, the party took a short rest to recover.

Less than 2 hours later, a large horn blared out and shortly after, screams and other sounds of battle were heard outside. The group rushed out of the barracks, and found that the same large blue dragon had come back, this time attacking the keep directly. Baern rushed up to the battlements, while the rest of the adventurers made their way into the main courtyard to assist. The group watched as the dragon swooped down on the keep, electricity crackling out from it’s mouth, cutting a swath along the keep’s battlements, taking out several defenders along the way. The party, along with rangers from the order tried their best to attack the dragon, but were unable to do any significant damage. After a few more attacks on the keep (one knocking out Ellyn and Darvin), the dragon flew off suddenly.

It turned out the dragon was a distraction, and raiders were at the main gate, trying to burst through with a battering ram. The defenders only had a short time to prepare for this onslaught. Darin was directed to find the Governor’s Apprentice in the keep, while the rest set-up oil in front of the gate to slow down the attackers.

A few minutes later, the gates were breached and a stream of kobolds and goblins flowed through the gap in between the gates, but the party were able to hold them off. Leon and his fellow rangers were up on the battlements firing into the oncoming raiders, trying to thin out the numbers. Darvin shouted for the party to push them back so the gate could be closed, but the gate was too badly damaged to close properly. The Governor’s Apprentice said she could help, and rushed forward to mend the gates with her magic.

The group only had minutes before the next wave was incoming, and tried to pick off some of the members of this next assault from afar. One of the halves of the gate was repaired, when suddenly, a drake burst through knocking Baern to the ground and a few kobolds followed it through. The party dispatched these as quickly as they could and once the attackers were dealt with, the Apprentice rushed forward again to finish repairing the gate. She was able to repair the gate and the party closed it off before more raiders could get inside.

Shortly after the attack, word was received by Leon that Muse and a group of survivors were holed up in a nearby church, which was currently surrounded by raiders. The party, although tired, offered to rescue the survivors, and left at once.

They made their way to the church, wearing the cloaks they had procured earlier, and saw that the raiders were trying to set fire to the building to flush out the occupants. Darvin attempted to scout out the raiders silently, but was spotted and after a failed attempt to decieve, were attacked.

During the fight, Valanthee, Ellyn and Baern were knocked unconscious. When it looked as though the party were to be defeated, an eerie melody was heard, and those that had been knocked out were awoken. The party looked towards the chuch and saw Muse at one of the higher windows playing his pan-flute. With renewed vigour, the party were able to defeat the rest of the raiders and begin to escort the survivors back to the keep.


matt_d_rowland Gudruun

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