The Shadow of Draggowraith

The party had been split-up after a cave-in and had agreed to meet-up at the cave entrance. After meeting Victor, a large, floating, spherical creature with a giant eye and tentacles, and the restless spirit of the wizard Mormesk, the party retrieved the book detailing the existence of dragons on Glacia Mundos and returned to Turin’s Quarry to rest.

Ellyn and Celeste took the body of Celeste’s squire, Sally, out of the cave and back to the nearby city-state. Ellyn and Celeste split from the group to tend to the funerary rites, leaving the party to seek a room at the Mason’s Guild for the night. Before the party retired, Baern divvied up the spoils of Mormesk’s chest, including an intricate emerald statuette of an elf.

The next day the party were able to find a caravan heading to Arbington, via Archmouth and were able to join the caravan as guards. The journey was uneventful.

Upon arriving at the Order, the party gained word of a fest happening in a few short hours, and were quick to give their report to Ivan, the Grandmaster of the Order so they could get ready for the event. The party found Ivan in his office, along with Muse and Leon Duskwalker. The party explained how they had tracked down the Black Spider, dispatched her, and recovered the book, which was handed to Muse for further investigation. The party was dismissed and then prepared for the feast.

The party enjoyed themselves during the feast, eating and drinking merrily. Partway through, Ivan stood up to address the hall, providing updates and progress reports on the various assignments of the Order. During this address, the party members were officially promoted from Initiates to Journeymen to a round of applause. After several more reports, Ivan explained that there had been sightings of a dragon to the north of The Divide, between Damerel and Oar’s Rest, and that he was dispatching a force to investigate. After the Grandmaster finished, the feast continued. The party was asked by Muse if they would accompany him on the mission to investigate the dragon sightings, and the party agreed.

The next day, Darvin sought out Ivan to ask him about the strange visions he had been having during his nightly trances. He told Ivan about the visions, including the most recent one, 2 nights ago, and inquired into whether these visions were portents or merely dreams. Ivan was unsure, but advised Darvin not to worry. Ivan also asked about the crystal the party had found underground near Harthwaite, as Baern had had a similar vision when he picked up the crystal, but could not determine if it was related to Darvin’s visions.

A few hours later, the party were prepared for the mission and joined the others. Around 40 members in total were to accompany them, split evenly between Witchers and Rangers. They were given horses and left with the contingent. They were led by one of the rangers, who kept a watchful eye out, and the party were safely able to cross The Divide. Once closer to Damerel, they saw the town proper was being set on fire, and rushed forward to investigate. While racing towards the town, a blaring horn was heard and shortly after, a large blue dragon swooped down from the sky and decimated the contingent. The group was split and amongst the screams and shouting, the party heard a command to head towards the keep. The party raced onwards and eventually made it into the town, where they came across goblins and kobolds pillaging and ransacking the town. The party were able to catch and deal with a raiding party who were chasing a family through the streets, and escorted the family safely to the keep.


matt_d_rowland Gudruun

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