The Shadow of Draggowraith

Damerel was under attack.

Darvin, Baern, Geronimo and the family they rescued, had reached the keep in the middle of Damerel, just before being attacked by a group of raiders. Inside the keep, they found Valanthee and Ellyn, having already arrived shortly before the others. Geronimo spotted another halfling and had ran off before anyone had a chance to stop him.

The party sought out Leon Duskwalker in top of the battlements to see how they could help the defense. Leon told them how the fort was surrounded and he gave them a mission to secure an old tunnel leading out of the fort to an exit a few hundred feet away in some nearby hills. The party descended into the tunnel and found the exit grate. The key provided to them was broken off in the lock by Baern, who then proceeded to bash the grate open using brute strength.

Once the grate was removed, the party emerged to find themselves surrounded by a group of kobold raiders. The party was able to take them out and hid the bodies in the bushes next to the tunnel entrance, to make sure no-one would stumble across this tunnel accidentally.

Baern agreed to stay behind while the rest reported back to Leon about the now secure way in and out of the fort and were given another mission; to scatter the forces setting fire to the mill in the East District. They were also asked to capture one of the leaders of these raiders to get information. From what they saw up on the battlements, it seemed that anyone wearing purple was giving orders and was a likely target for capture and interrogation.

The party made their way through the streets and found a group of kobold raiders who were trying to set fire to the mill. The party attempted to stop them and midway through the battle, they were ambushed by 3 humans and a giant lizard. The party were able to take out the kobolds, the lizard and 2 of the humans, and captured 1 alive and tied him up, preparing to return him to the keep for questioning.


matt_d_rowland Gudruun

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