The Shadow of Draggowraith

While escorting the survivors of the church fire in Damerel, the party were spotted trying to sneak back to the keep. They eliminated the raiders, with Muse’s spell keeping them alive during the fights.

Eventually, they returned to the keep, where Muse suddenly colapsed, and various wounds appeared on his body. The party felt the spell ending, and Darvin and Ellyn rushed to Muse to make sure he was ok. Muse told them not to worry, and that he just needed rest. The party agreed rest was in order, and after reporting to Leon, the party made their way to the barracks to rest.

About an hour into the rest, the party heard signs of commotion up on the battlements and went to see what was happening, except for Darvin, who stayed to rest. Baern, Ellyn and Valanthee got to the battlements and saw the army outside, and a figure strode forth through the ranks. This figure stopped and began to speak, enhanced magically to a loud booming noise that all in the keep could hear.

The figure asked if there was anyone who could challenge him, and that he would spare the lives of the 5 he had captured if someone faced him in single combat. Upon hearing this, Baern and Ellyn started walking down to meet him, and were soon joined by Leon. They made their way to meet this figure, a dark-skinned draconic humanoid.

Leon advised the others to be wary of any tricks, and then stood to face the figure in combat. Leon ran his thumb along the blades of his scimitars, infusing them with magic. The figure drew his great-axe in response. The fight then began, and Leon seemed to be doing well. He was able to block and get a few blows in, but the figure keep up his onslaught. Leon brought his scimitars to block, but the figure was able to overpower him and unleashed his acidic breath-weapon, and burn the lower-half of his body. With his movement slowed, Leon did his best, but was outmaneuvered by the figure, as the great-axe came down and sliced through him.

The figure, satisfied, released the 5 he had captured, 2 humans and 3 halflings, 1 of which the party recognised, and the party escorted them, and Leon’s corpse, back to keep. The party moved Leon to the make-shift morgue, and them made their own way to the barracks, to rest.

The next day, the party awoke and Darvin was given the news about Leon. The party then sought out Muse, for their next mission. Muse told them that the army were amassing a hoard of treasure for their ‘master’ and that we need to stop the army. Baern offered his tracking skills, and the party agreed to try to track down the army to disrupt their plans.

The party went their separate directions to resupply, and were to meet back up at the keep. While on his way to the blacksmiths, Darbi ran into Elden, one of his friends from the monastery. Elden told Darvin of how he and Tal, another friend, had taken an artifact from the monastery and gone to fight the army themselves. They had fought together, but Tal was captured, and Elden was able to escape. He pleaded with Darvin to rescue him, and Darvin agreed to help.


matt_d_rowland Gudruun

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