City States of Glacia Mundos

The City States of Glacia Mundos


Overview: Frostford banner is snowy peak. The Port city of the frozen Isle on the eastern side of the continent. Settled by a community of wizards (mainly by High Elves, Gnomes and Tieflings but with a small smattering of Humans) as a place to pursue the Arcane Arts in relative safety and seclusion, far removed from the politics and war of the larger civilised nations.

Population: 800

Defences: The towns folk rely on the Tower Knights. A group of battle mages from the college of magic to ward of threats from the wilderness and keep the peace in town. Should the port city ever be attacked the hundreds of mages, wizards and sorcerers from the college would come to its aid.

Authority: The town is governed by the Council, which is made up of four elders from the college and four elders from the port city (non-magic users).
Services: The College offers enchanting services, magic healing, magic training, the selling or purchase of magical artefacts and books. There’s a tavern in the port city. As well as a small market place.

Overview: Arbington banner is white/red checkered. One of two land locked settlements of Glacia Mundos, Arbington is a settlement of settlers and refugees from the previous wars between the sister empires Risur and Ber. It’s made up of mostly Humans and halfings. Arbrington raises live-stock and exports meat and leather to the rest of the continent.

Population: 2000

Defences: Town guard 100. Farmer militia.
Authority: Elders who see to the day to day running of the city state but important decisions are held by a town meet which is consisted of 200 representatives.
Services: Tavern. General Markets. Smithy (although usually just work on farming tools)


Overview: Damerel banner is sunset over mountains. The second land locked city state, started life as a trading port between the dwarves of deep mountains and the surface dwelling city states. It is made up of mainly dwarfs, humans and halflings.

Population: 3000

Defences: City guard, militia.
Authority: City council.
Services: Metal works. Weapons. Armor. Potions. Tavern. Horses.
Encountered NPC: Garret (human smithy) Godric (Half-Orc Tavern Owner).


Overview: Wolfwater banner is white waves on blue background. The Southernmost city state is made up of primarily half orcs and tieflings who have fled persecution from other lands. Fiercely independent Wolfwater relies heavy on fishing and whaling for sustenance, but does trade sparingly with the other city states.

Population: 5000

Defences: The only city state to maintain a professional standing army although it only numbers 100 it’s half orc soldiers are feared for their brutality and the tiefling soldiers for their magic.

Services: Fish markets. Taverns. General Markets.

Authority: Wolfwater is ruled by a single elected official the ‘Viscout’. The current Viscount is a charismatic tiefling sorcerer named Faith A popular and progressive leader, Faith is trying to slowly end wolfwaters isolationist ways and establish stronger ties with its neighbours.

Oar’s Rest

Overview: Oar’s Rest banner is orange sun on purple background. Oar’s rest is a place of religion and learning. They worship Erath goddess of civilisation and invention , Pelor god of the sun and agriculture, Moradin god of creation, and Bahamut god of justice and nobility as a “single pantheon of light”. As well as temples dedicated to this pantheon the city also hosts universities dedicated to the study of philosophy, medicine and the arts.

Population: 4000

Defences: The city maintains a small core of paladins (20) who are sworn to defend the city. They train the city guard and lead the milita army in times of war.

Services: Tavern. Markets. Healing and blessings from various temples. Has a Great Library rivalling that of the order and the college. Where the Order has a secret library dedicated to itself and its goals and the college has a library dedicated to magic, the Great library in Oar’s Rest is dedicated to a wide range of topics.

Authority: Oar’s Rest is ruled by the High Priest of the pantheon of light. The High Priest is elected by votes from the cardinals from each of the temples of light (each temple has 4 cardinals)


Overview: Archmouth banner is castle tower. Archmouth is said to be the landing place of the first settlers to ever set foot on Glacia Mundos. It is the largest city state. It is also the only one to have fortified city walls and gates. Although it does not have a standing professional army like Wolfswater it does have a well-equipped city guard. Archmouth prospers by producing little bit of everything livestock, crops, metal works, sundries etc. It also acts as a trading hub.

Population: 10,000

Services: Tavern, Large Markets, potions, armor/weapons and metal working, horses.

Authority: Archmouth is ruled by the LeFrey’s a noble family descended from the warrior who organised and lead the first people to settle Glacia Mundos. Duke and Duchess Lefrey have a council of advisors and often hold open court for their people. They are generally fair and even handed rulers.

Defences: Duke’s Guard (500). Fortified walls.


Overview: Harthwaite (banner is wheat crop on shield) Largely agricultural town of farmers. Provide most of the wheat north of the divide.

Population: 1000

Services: Tavern. Markets. Horses.

Authority: Village elders.

Defences: City guard.

Turin’s Quarry

Overview: Turin’s Gulf was founded when the original settlers of what would eventually be archmouth split into two. The two cities had traditionally been enemies but relations have warmed considerably since the cataclysm. Now the cities consider themselves rivals. Turin’s Quarry is a very successful mining town that supplies most of the metal to the surface south of the divide.

Population: 8000

Services: Tavern. Markets. Horses.

Authority: City Forman (Elected official).

Defences: 50 Town guard. Miner’s Militia.

City States of Glacia Mundos

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