History of Glacia Mundos

The History of Glacia Mundos

Scholar’s Note: The dates given are representative of a single approximate date based on the often limited historical evidence given

The 1st Age
• 460th – 500th Cycles: Glacia Mundos was first discovered by the ‘civilised races’ of the Old World in the 466th cycle of the 1st Age. The Explorers who first made landfall on the continent noted the presence of various forms of wild life, as well as roaming bands of Orc’s and Goblins which had been observed from a distance. Druidic Elves where discovered inhabiting the great forests to the south. However the Elves had little of value to trade with the explorers, and the explorers deemed the mountains too dangerous to investigate for minerals. Therefore the explorers sailed away and Glacia Mundos became little more than a reference point on the map forgotten by the rest of the world…for a time.

• 520th – 530th Cycles: The Great War of the first age erupts across the Old World word as the Empire of Galios collapses in upon itself. Civil strife spreads like wild fire throughout its lands.

• 530th – 550th Cycles: The legend of the LeFrey clan arises during this time, it is said that the Lefrey’s came from one of the smaller provinces in Galios. Legend goes that the youngest son of the Lefrays, upon coming to age, managed to unite the other great families of his province and lead his people commoner and noble alike out of Galios to establish a new village that would eventually evolve into Archmouth the first city-state of in Glacia Mundos. Whatever the legend, historians agree that it was the civil strife this period that acted as the catalyst for the colonisation of Glacia Mundos.
Scholar’s Note: Due to sutble changes in writing styles and various translations of legends over the centuries there is considerable debate in the academic community as to whether it was the youngest son or daughter of the Lefreys.
• 580th – 600th Cycle: The treaty of High Pass is signed ending the civil war and splitting the Galios Empire into the twin empires Risur and Ber.
• 601st – 620th Cycle: Superstition of magic spreads throughout Ber and magic, with the exception of divine magic use, is officially outlawed in the empire. Many prominent magic users manage to flee the empire and a few find their way to Glacia Mundos to establish the magic college in Frostford.

• 650th – 720th Cycle: The northern half of Glacia Mundos is colonised. Explorers soon push into the great mountains of the north and return with tales of a hidden dwarven kingdom deep within the mountains.

• 730th- 740th Cycle: A small number of Dwarves start to emerge from the mountains to establish a trading post in the north and the first dwarven city is established on the surface of Glacia Mundos. The dwarves name the city Durovar.

• 760th – 765th Cycle: The Desolation comes. Almost all records from this time were either destroy or retrospectively sealed by the Order. A terrible horde sweeps down from the north, legend differs as to the nature of the horde, some records say it was an undead army, others an army of dragonspawn and yet others claim the horde was made up of Orcs and Goblins. Multiple tales tell of a great black dragon appearing at this time.
• 765th-770th Cycle: Durovar and the other northern kingdoms are completely destroyed. The Dwarfs are forced to retreat deep into the mountains.

• 765th – 770th Cycle: Agents of the Order first appear from across the sea. They rally the northern survivors and untie the south into a defensive line just past the dividing mountains.

• 765th – 770th Cycle: The surviving kingdoms of Glacia Mundos receive unexpected aid as for the first and last time in recorded history the druidic elves of the southern wood march to open war against the darkness.

• 765th -770th Cycle: A shamanistic tribe of Orcs, half orcs and humans appears in the southern region of Glacia Mundos. They quickly find common cause with a tiefling clan, both being driven from their remote refugee in the dividing mountains by the advancing horde. After tense negotiations with the Order they too join the fight against the dark horde.

• 775th – 780th Cycle: After decades of war the dark horde is finally broken, forces of the Order slaying it’s leader. However the lands of Glacia Mundos lay in ruin. It is estimated that only 1/5th of the population survived the war.
Scholars Note: The Order in this time moved quickly to expunge all records of the Horde’s Leader. It was forbidden to speak of it during the time and all records were destroyed. No reason was ever given as to why.
• 780th – 800th Cycle: The end of the 1st Age is a period of uneasy peace and regrowth. Slowly but surely the people of Glacia Mundos start to repopulate the land. The elves return to their southern forests, while the coalition of Orc, half orc and tieflings found the village of Wolfwater. Archmouth, Turin’s Quarry and Frostford survive the war but are badly damaged. The continent north of the divide is left in ruins. No news comes of the dwarven kingdom in the deep mountains.

The 2nd Age
• 1st – 50th Cycle: Arcmouth and Turin’s Quarry, once small townships now grow into large city states. Each with smaller farming or mining towns loyal to the larger capital city.

• 60th-65th Cycle: Attempts to reclaim the north begin. Foul magics and beast still linger, during this time the Order again rises to prominence among the city states by driving the opportunistic goblinkind tribes back into the mountains of the divide.

• 80th – 100th Cycle: Dwarven scouts re-emerge from the northen kingdom. News spreads that the dwarves survive deep within the mountains. A trade city is established near the ruins of Durovar, the city would eventually evolve into the city state of Damerial.

• 100th – 150th Cycle: As the population of Glacia Mundos once again reaches pre-desolation levels Harthwaith, Albrighton and Oars Rest are founded.

History of Glacia Mundos

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